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RECOVRY x Chris Shaw Nutrition


Whether you want to reach the highest level in your sport, perform better in the gym or want to look and feel your best each and every day, a well-rounded and individualized nutrition plan can help you get there.

We believe that nutrition needs to be an integral part of any performance program and the "cookie-cutter" diets aren't providing you with the specific and individualized nutrition recommendations that you truly need. 

We offer two different nutrition coaching programs depending on the level of support and accountability you need. Through weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions, we will come up with a highly individualized nutrition plan that addresses every component of your health to ensure you will achieve maximum performance.

Through our programs, you will learn how to fuel for maximum performance, RECOVER to the fullest, and have more energy than ever before to achieve all of your goals.


Nutrition RECOVRY includes:

  • Weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions via zoom.

  • Specific dietary recommendations to help you achieve long-term and sustainable progress.

  • Recipe ideas that fit your lifestyle and your specific goals.

  • Fitness and lifestyle recommendations to address every aspect of your health.

  • Continuous email support

  • Access to a supportive and informative Facebook community to help you along your journey.

Schedule your free introduction phone call here.

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